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The official glossary of patches. Over 3200 Florida cities and counties listed for the State Of Florida. Everything is color coded for quick reference. ACTIVE (Highlighted In Blue), DEFUNCT (Highlighted In Red), COUNTIES (Highlighted in Green) STATE DIVISIONS (Highlighted in Royal Blue) and UNINCORPORATED CITIES are (Highlighted in Gray). To view this list, you must have any version of Microsoft Excel installed on your computer. Other patch collecting websites, forums, collector rings and our official banner.
An analysis of current reproduction patches available on the market and a comparison to thier authentic counterparts. A collection of in depth video analysis of current reproduction patches available on the market and a comparison to thier authentic counterparts. Download a zip file for offline browsing containing patches for sale and/or trade.
The history, mission and updated errata of Patch Me Thru's website. Patch Me Thru is a member of eBay's Verified Rights Owner (VeRO) program and we strictly enforce proper use of our trademarks, service marks, images and copyrights. Patch Me Thru owns the exclusive rights to all website, catalog and book images and they are not licensed for use on eBay. This is a secure area and is for official corporate use only.
This is a Broward County Sheriff's Office badge and patch collection privately owned by Jay Harris (MIS/MIT), an avid South Florida Law Enforcement collector and historian. The BSO collection comprises of 160+ patches and 70+ badges. None of the items shown in this exhibit are for sale and/or trade.

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